Bookings can be arranged via telephone at present, however we will be designing a web page to allow late availability to be advertised.

If you are interested in a weekend dive, most weekends tend to get booked by the end of March so call early.

If you are a small group then it is always worth calling in case we have a group short of numbers. This can be done a few weeks or even a few days in advance.We have reserved a number of days throughout the summer for individuals or small groups.

For midweek diving, there are more free days available and anyone wishing to dive midweek, just call try to be as flexible as possible on the day you can go and we will endeavour to rustle up a group large enough to justify a trip.

We are out nearly every week during the summer, so don't be detered even if you are on your own, we should be able to get you diving.

Many divers who have booked full boat trips are now using our Facebook page to advertise spaces they may have at the last minute, so its always worth checking. Click here for more.