About the Diving

The diving in the waters around Anglesey is some of the best in the UK. Visibility in the summer months is generally between 5-10m though it can be considerably better during periods of calm weather, with water temperature ranging between 8-16 ° C.

As well as local diving Monday – Friday trips to the Isle of Man can be arranged with the opportunity to dive with basking sharks in June, July and August. Call for details.

Diver under water

Wreck Diving

Divers on the surface

Anglesey is well known for its shipwrecks with 100s of different vessels having fallen foul of their waters.

From modern freighters and trawlers to paddle steamers and sailing schooners, all can be found in depths between 6-40m.

We currently dive over 200 wrecks with more being added to these each season.

Many of the wrecks are still very much intact (and that’s not just the deep ones).

The wrecks also have massive amounts of fish and marine life and are always uncrowded.

Scenic Diving

100s of scenic drift and pinnacle dives can be enjoyed along the coastline and with Protectors high speeds day trips to the Llyn Peninsula, Bardsey Island and right around Anglesey are normal.

During poor weather a lee shore can always be found making trip cancellation almost unheard of.

Conger eel